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Contest Rules

The following rules apply to the writing prompts contest:

1. Eligibility: The contest is open to all Core BWC members, regardless of writing experience or skill level.

2. Submission Guidelines:
– Participants must choose one of the six provided writing prompts to base their story on.
– Stories must be original works and previously unpublished.
– Word count limit: 500 words maximum.

3. Submission Process:
– Entries must be submitted electronically on the community platform as outlined in the instructions provided with the prompts.
– Each participant may submit only one entry for the contest.

4. Deadline:
– The deadline for submissions is February 26, 11:59 pm CST.
– Late submissions will not be accepted.

5. Judging Criteria:
– Creativity and Originality: How unique and imaginative is the story?
– Writing Craftsmanship: How well is the story written in terms of style, language, and structure?
– Adherence to Prompt: How effectively does the story incorporate and address the chosen prompt?

6. Prizes:
– Prizes may include gift cards or writing-related books, and exclusive recognition on the community platform.
– Prizes will be awarded to the top entry in each contest period as determined by the judging panel.

7. Announcement of Winner:
– Winner will be announced within 14 days of the end of the contest via the community platform and/or newsletter.

8. Rights:
– By submitting an entry, participants grant the community the non-exclusive right to publish their work on the community platform and associated promotional materials.

9. Code of Conduct:
– All entries must adhere to the community’s guidelines and standards of respectful behavior.
– Any submissions containing inappropriate content will be disqualified. Please use your own discretion.

10. Disqualification:
– Entries that do not comply with the contest rules or submission guidelines will be disqualified from the competition.

11. Questions:
– Participants with questions or concerns regarding the contest rules or submission process should contact hi (at)


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