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  • Community leaders – assist with member engagement. Time required: no more than 1-2 hours per week. Number of openings: 3
  • Readers Club – assist in promoting and facilitating the Beta Readers forum. This involves implementing strategies to increase awareness, encouraging and boosting member activity, and helping to connect beta readers with writers


  • Newsletter – involves assisting in writing brief articles (under 150 words) about the organization or creating the newsletter in our easy drag-and-drop email campaign software program
  • Graphic design – involves creating graphics for the website, newsletter or social media from time to time. This can be a portfolio-building paying internship or a freelance gig for a freelancer with an existing business.
  • Ambassadors – helps to spread the word about the many great programs and services offered by BWC; may get involved in marketing strategy or engage in marketing activities, but primary role is simply to post about BWC in your own circles or wherever you see an appropriate setting
  • Social media content planner – participate in content strategy and planning for our social network channels
  • Social media content writer – join the social media team and help boost engagement on our social network channels by creating posts and writing captions

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