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Victor McGlothin to Teach Novel Writing in Online Course

Write and finish your book this summer with Victor McGlothin and The Writing Coach.

For many aspiring novelists, starting a novel is easy. It’s the “finishing” part that’s so hard. We’ve all been there. We start writing in a sprint, barely able to get the words down fast enough and excitedly telling our confidants about our new idea, only to fizzle out before we get to the middle and writer’s block sets in. 

Victor’s upcoming online writing course, The Writing Coach: How to Start Fast and Finish, is that course that makes dreams come true. Exclusively for members of Black Writers Collective, Victor will guide you through his secret tools and techniques for writing a novel in 90 days—the same ones he’s employed to pen 16 highly acclaimed titles.

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The Writing Coach: How to Start Fast and Finish

If you’ve always wanted to become an author but never had the proper tools to start and finish your book, this is the course you’ve been looking for. 

Over the past 17 years I’ve been asked to share my secret for writing novels in 90 days. For obvious reasons, I’ve always been reluctant to part with the keys that helped pen 16 highly acclaimed titles; among them are eleven novels, three successful anthologies and two self-help guides. I’ve held private seminars for friends and family members to discuss some valuable tricks of the trade, but I haven’t publicly shared my tools for penning great stories in three months, until now.


Did you know that less than 5% of writers have what it takes to complete a novel? Less than half of those won’t accomplish it within 12 months. In fact, most writers take years. Just imagine that 95% of those who set out to author a novel never finish.

After joining The Writing Coach course, you will no longer have to put off writing your own literature masterpiece. Start the work toward earning a book deal that leads to a spot on the bestselling list and living that dream today. Not only will I discuss what it takes to draft a novel in three months, I’ll show you how to pull it off successfully. 

Haven’t you been dreaming about it long enough? Good, your story is tired of waiting to be told so let’s get started on your journey of today.

* * *

Once you get that first draft fully written, then it’s on to the rewriting phase and editing. You may not finish the 90-day course with your manuscript 100% ready for publication, but you will have in your hands what you need to take the next step toward getting into print: a finished novel. Victor McGlothin is just the Writing Coach to help you get there and earn that title:

Author & Finisher!

This course is expected to launch in July. Want to be alerted of the official launch date and notified of the other courses BWC has in the works? Subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know.

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