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For teen writers of color and all others, our partner #TeenWritersProject offers programs for young writers designed to increase the number of teens interested in pursuing careers in writing and publishing.

Our mission is to improve the writing, reading, social and cultural literacy of teens by providing creative writing workshops, conferences, discussions, critiques, scholarships, book clubs, and academic support to teens and teachers, especially those in vulnerable populations.
Provide a collaborative and engaging space for teens to write, and liberate their imagination, experiences and opportunities through writing, reading, critical thinking and creating.
#TeenWritesProject recognizes the historical legacies of bias, racism and bigotry that exists in the world and especially in education. Therefore, we want, and welcome, all teens to work with us to create a literary culture as diverse and equitable as the books we’ll write and read, regardless of their race, zip code, social status, disability, gender, sexual orientation or citizenship status.
We’re often asked what it is we do at the #TeenWritersProject. In response, we always answer, first, why we do what we do at the #TeenWritersProject. Above all else, it is critical that teens know they are supported, and that their voices are worthy of being published for future generations to read. It is for this reason that “knowing your why becomes more impactful because it is when you know your why that you are walking toward your purpose.” Learn about ours.


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