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Want to write for the Black Writers audience? Our blog allows you to share your experiences, know-how, and fresh insights that fellow writers may find useful or enlightening. Posts must be in the form of articles or interviews and are open to members and nonmembers alike to read and share.

What we publish:
Marketing secrets, such as building your author platform, social media strategies, etc.
Insider tips on how to earn more money writing
Tips on special markets or formats
Book origins – how your book idea came about

What we do not publish:
“How to” articles on writing
Book reviews
Author profiles
Common industry topics that have been covered ad nauseum, such as overcoming writer’s block, how to get published, the “Snowflake Method,” etc.

Use the form below to submit an idea or query for approval prior to submitting your work (helps to prevent our receiving duplicate topics, angles and perspectives and to align your piece with our editorial calendar and content strategy). Membership is not required to submit posts for the blog. After submitting an idea, please allow 3-7 days for a response.


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Want to submit pieces to our ezine?

Our ezine offers creative writers a platform to share your fiction, poetry and nonfiction, expand your fan base, and attract more visitors to your own website and blog. Members can even win prizes for creative genius. For more information about submitting to our ezine, visit Ezine Submissions. Membership is required to submit pieces for the ezine.

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