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Pixelberry Studios is a mobile game development company that entertains while making a difference through meaningful story-driven narratives. Pixelberry uses emotion and different life experiences to facilitate learning through play and promote understanding and awareness in a safe environment. We extend our deepest gratitude to Pixelberry Studios for its generous and unparalleled support of Black Writers Collective.

WordWiser Ink LLC is a Black-owned and -operated boutique editorial services firm specializing in copyediting and proofreading fiction, nonfiction, digital content, business, technical, and other documents. Known as “The Editors’ Editors,” WordWiser Ink‘s team of elite editorial style masters are commonly consulted by other editors for their expertise and retained by clients to clean up messes left by other editors’ errors. We appreciate WordWiser Ink for lending editorial support to all public-facing content on and sponsorship of Black Writers in-person events.

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