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Whether your company or organization is looking for more diverse voices for a team of writers, or you have a project that requires someone who can genuinely speak to the Black experience, or if you simply need a ghostwriter for your book, Black Writers Collective offers a service to help you find the talented individuals you’re looking for. 

Our Job Listing service is a free resource connecting those who are seeking Black freelance or staff writers with those who are interested in taking on new roles or projects. There is no charge for this service. If you need a Black writer, we’re more than happy to spread the word. 

We will post paying jobs for writers of all kinds, including staff jobs, placement agency roles, writer-for-hire contracts, and freelance opportunities. We do not post low-paying or non-paying jobs, jobs that pay on spec or by royalty, nor internships of any sort.

Black Writers Collective reserves the right to reject or remove any job posting for any reason.

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