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BWC Scholarship Application

The purpose of this scholarship is to offer interested individuals the opportunity to engage with fellow writers while benefiting from Black Writers Collective’s various programs and resources.

New applicants may apply to receive a gifted Black Writers Collective membership for six (6) months. Selected scholarship recipients agree to engage in the organization, whether as active members, community leaders, beta readers, critique group participants, or get involved in a volunteer capacity of your choice.

About This Platform

This website and application system are web-based tools. This means the form will NOT save your answers if you refresh the page or leave the page open for a long period of time. We encourage you to review the questions while drafting and editing your answers in a separate document. When you are satisfied with your answers for each question, re-visit this page and submit your responses.

About Your Application

Sometimes, a great applicant is not awarded a scholarship due to BWC’s limited number of awards available. But what makes a great scholarship application in the first place? Reviewers look for and judge the following criteria:

  • Quality of application content
  • Thoughtful, well-articulated responses
  • Anticipated impact or contribution by the scholarship recipient within the community
  • Writing sample

As you answer each question, please include context and details. Reviewers want to receive adequate information and hear the real story about why this opportunity is important for you now, and how you satisfy the criteria listed above.

All applicants who submit a request for a membership will receive a decision within 2-4 weeks after their application submission.

Applicants who have received assistance in the past are not considered eligible. Membership of applicants who do not actively engage or remain involved with the organization will not be eligible for renewal.

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