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What's The Dash?

The Dash is Black Writers Collective’s accountability tribe of Finishers. For writers in need of camaraderie and accountability, this supportive tribe initiates and encourages daily thirty-minute writing sprints. Share your goals, progress, challenges, and accomplishments with the tribe members of The Dash. The member who logs the most sprints at the end of each month wins a prize. If there’s a tie, the winners split the prize.

Eligibility: Open to all members of Black Writers Collective

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About the Facilitator


La’Cole Martin is an educator and native of Oakland, CA. La’Cole started her career as an English teacher for the Oakland Unified School District in 2006, and over the past 14 years, has worked in various capacities for nonprofits throughout Oakland, primarily coordinating educational programs for African American children and families. In 2011 La’Cole became a professor of African American Studies at Laney College, where she had the pleasure of serving students from all over the Bay Area until 2018.

As a scholar of Africana Studies, La’Cole has an extensive background writing about the historical, social, cultural, political and psychological, lived experiences of Black Americans. La’Cole is currently writing her first book—a memoir about the social-emotional trauma of crack cocaine on Black families and communities–with hopes of publication in 2021. Thus, it is La’Cole’s mission as an educator to use storytelling not just as a means for teaching, but as a guide to healing. La’Cole received her B.A. in African American Studies from the University of California, Berkeley and a M.A. in Ethnic Studies with an emphasis in Africana Studies from San Francisco State University.

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