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Beta & Advanced Copy Readers

What is it?

BWC’s Beta Readers & Advanced Copy Readers program was created to bring together readers who read Black Writers Collective members’ books as beta readers.

Beta readers are those who read your book AS READERS–not as writers or editors or people who love you and can’t bring themselves to say anything negative about your work–but as engaged readers who can give honest feedback on what did and did not work for them in your book. They comment on things like detail inconsistencies, where their attention wavers, what they think of the characters, and confusing sentences, subplot and twists. They address weak spots in your manuscript before you share it with the world.

BWC Beta Readers Clique

Don't editors do that?

Yes, but an editor’s perspective is only one point of view. You want multiple beta readers to give you a more well-rounded advantage. Also, good beta readers can save you the expense of hiring a developmental editor.

Can't I just ask my family and closest friends?

Family, significant others, and besties can sometimes be the worst beta readers. They know you, and they love you, so they tend to be inclined to love whatever you write—no matter how good or otherwise it may be. The glowing praise they might give you will not be useful. You need positive, insightful, constructive feedback—nothing less.

Advanced Copy Readers

Your best beta readers will make up your Advanced Reader Copy team. You’ll gift them a free copy of your book when it’s closer to finished, but they won’t be giving you the same in-depth feedback. Instead, your ARC readers will help you with reviews for release day, posting them on the Black Writers Collective bookstore, Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, or any other bookseller websites.


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