Black Writers Collective


Black Writers Collective offers programs geared specifically toward supporting our members in the ways they need most through select tribes, our writers job postings and calls for submissions email list serv, our members’ bookshelf marketing platform, digital and audio downloads and other writers resources we make available through our intranet platform, members’ website list, referrals and recommended support services, plus the live events we host offline—all while providing the camaraderie and community that Black writers crave.


We’ve also launched a Telegram channel which we’ll be sharing with the public soon! Our channel gives members a platform for readings from their works, with featured members each month. We also share educational info and leads on publishers seeking works from Black authors and other opportunities that arise, among other USEFUL info…keyword being USEFUL. We’re not on there just to hear ourselves talk or toot our own horns. It’s all about our members!

Black Writers Collective

Sounds like fun, huh?

Black Writers Collective

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