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What You Should Know Before Submitting a Proposal

This guide is to answer some of your questions upfront about preparing a proposal for presenting your webinars, workshops, or courses to our members and networks.

The sales pitch disguised by a webinar is played out. We’re not doing that. We will not accept any proposal that includes a sales pitch, service packages, or special incentives to contact you for a consultation. If your only purpose for wanting to share information is to set up for your sales pitch, this is not the right crowd for you. This type of setup implies an endorsement, plus our audience is not here to be sold to. Therefore, Black Writers Collective strictly prohibits these types of sessions.

While we prohibit sales pitches, this does not mean you cannot tell your participants what you do! If you provide certain services and want to share them during your session, simply do so professionally, as any pro speaker would do at a conference or retreat, by stating upfront during your introduction what you do while sharing how you are qualified to speak on this topic. Then repeat, at the end for those who may have arrived late and missed the beginning, what services you provide along with your contact details or how to request a consultation with you if they have questions or want more information. That way anyone who is interested can follow up and you still get the benefit of having had the opportunity to share your valuable knowledge and insight with us.

In some instances, a presenter might insist a presentation does not include a sales pitch but still try to sneak one in. If this occurs, your presentation will be terminated immediately in mid-sentence. So, if you are unsure if part of your content constitutes a sales pitch, request a review well in advance of your session. We understand it can be difficult to tell at times and are happy to work with you to ensure you’re not violating this restriction.

If your webinar comprises material that anyone could easily read in any number of articles online, or your workshop does not contain any actionable takeaways, it is not likely to be approved. Understand that these days, we’re all “Zoom’ed out” and don’t want to meet for any reason that’s not going to be worth our time. When preparing your proposal, clearly specify what is unique or special about your session that will make attending it worthwhile. 

Our people are writers. They are intelligent, resourceful, savvy internet users and researchers. They know when someone is overcharging for information they can get from non-BIPOC for far lower rates. Alternatively, they know when something sounds too good to be true. Therefore, do your own research first instead of pulling a random figure out of your hat for any per-person fees. We will not accept a one-hour information session that charges $100 per person for the same stuff we can learn on Youtube for free. We will also not allow any rate that falls outside the normal range simply because it’s what you want to charge. If yours is unique material and you’re unsure what a reasonable fee would be, or it’s negotiable, just say so. We’ll work together to come up with a fair fee. We’re not trying to rip you off anymore than we’re trying to let our audience be taken advantage of.

We will not underwrite a session that makes no sense for any amount, such as “how to write a bestseller in 24 hours” or “start your own writing or editing business with no experience.” 

If your proposal is not accepted for one of the reasons above, you will receive a standard email which states: “Thank you for your interest in presenting a session with Black Writers Collective. Your proposal was not approved at this time. We invite you to review our guidelines at and revise and resubmit, or submit a different proposal on a new topic.” This means your topic is one we would accept, but it fails to meet one of the criteria outlined above or it is too similar to another proposal we’ve already accepted. If we do not say it’s a duplicate, that means it’s either your sales pitch, your fee or there’s not enough ROI. We respect your intelligence and discernment in identifying which matter it was and adjusting accordingly. It is not “no” but “not as is.”

If your proposal is not accepted for another reason, such as it is not appropriate for our audience and not a good fit, or simply that we don’t expect enough of our audience would attend to make it worth your time, you will receive a response which states: “Thank you for your interest in presenting a session with Black Writers Collective. Your proposal was not approved at this time.” 

If at any time you have questions, please email our Executive Assistant Skyler at  s u p p o r t [at] b l a c k w r i t e r s . o r g.

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