Short Story Writers Critique Tribe

Black Writers Collective’s Short Fiction Critique Group is an online writers’ group available to members wanting feedback on short works. It is a reciprocal group, meaning if you submit material for others to critique, you are required to critique their works in return. Being part of this critique group will help you with your own writing and become a stronger writer in the process.

If you would like to have your material critiqued but do not want to critique others, consult our editors’ directory to hire a freelance professional who offers that service. 

Black Writers Collective

The group critiques submissions of no more than 3,000 words. If a piece is slightly over 3K, such as 3,100 or 3,200, however, the Tribe can opt to give the author a pass and accept the full piece. The 3K is a soft maximum for this group.

Critique sessions are held via Google Meet or Zoom. 

Members must have annual subscriptions to join this Tribe. Monthly members will not be granted access due to the ongoing reciprocal critiquing requirement and commitment to the Tribe that is critical to the Tribe’s success.

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