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So, you want to finish a writing project, but you have a hard time holding yourself accountable and making yourself write every day.

Perhaps you crave the camaraderie of fellow writers who share your struggles, challenges, and victories in only the way other writers can.

Join our Finishers Tribe and find your writing buddies, establish your writing habits, get the words down, and become a stronger writer with a group that will hold you accountable while writing with you.

How It Works:

Sprinters meet up in the Finishers Tribe daily to write together for 30-minute sprints, then check in via the chat room.

At the start of each month, we share writing goals and a little about our projects, processes, what phases of writing we’re in, and the like.

After our sprints, we share our progress on the feed every day. The first Sprinter to hit his/her goal each day gets the honor of creating that day’s Progress Post for other Sprinters to comment their word count or other progress below. As an added incentive, we’ll award a prize each month for the Sprinter who initiates the most Progress Posts and reaching his/her goal!

“I believe there is power in words, power in asserting our existence, our experience, our lives, through words.”
Jesmyn Ward

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