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Writers Group Series Guidelines

Members of the Black Writers Collective community support each other through a series of groups that nurture members through various stages of writing. While we still offer our flagship novel and short story critique groups, these new groups are geared to better support writers throughout the entire writing process. The key to the success of each group lies in the members’ and leaders’ commitment, consistency, and respect for each other and all members’ works.

Each group is managed with a logical structure that is easy to understand, offers equal division of time and contributions, and upholds kindness in delivering honest reactions and feedback. Where critiques are involved, the best outcomes emerge when members feel completely free to give their honest reactions to writers who have the sole discretion whether to implement such feedback into their works. At no time is anyone obligated to take any feedback as if they have no choice but to accept it. That choice is solely the writer’s, which means they will not be penalized for any input they opt not to incorporate into their work.

The guidelines expressed here and enforced within the tribes may sound strict, but groups can go awry without vigilance and strong leadership. Here at BWC, we aim only to create groups whose members wonder how they could survive their writing journeys without them. If it’s not worth your while, what’s the point?

We’re here to support each other, lift each other up, and encourage each other to think bigger, reframe challenges, and be committed to growing as writers. We agree to find ways to help each other to do just that.

About the Groups

To learn more about each group, scroll up to the menu in the header above. Select GROUPS and navigate to the page for the group that interests you.

Initial Post Requirement

Getting Started

To help all members to more easily integrate with these new clubs, all applicants must follow the same posting rules.

Post #1: Upon admittance, new members are required to introduce themselves using the template that is provided within the featured post within the first 3 days or 72 hours of joining the group. This post focuses on what you have to give.

Post #2: Between day 3 and 10 after joining, all members are required to share a post summarizing the status of their current writing project and what you would like fellow members’ help with. This post focuses on your ask.

Posts (ongoing): Members should endeavor to respond to a minimum of two posts by fellow members and/or group leaders per week.

Members should make every effort to avoid asking questions that can be easily answered by a simple Google search. Other members are not here to do basic research or answer generic questions for you that you can answer yourself with a little effort.

Terms & Conditions

Before being allowed to join or participate in WIPs, Refiners or Finishers, members must agree to the terms of behavior and conditions outlined  here. Not all groups within the series will offer critiques, but those that do will follow these guidelines (🔗).

Bullying, harsh criticism, cynicism, negative talk, meanness, snide remarks, personal attacks, superiority, and condescension are strictly prohibited. We do not cater to nor entertain egos or tolerate bad attitudes. No exceptions. Violators of this ironclad rule will be ejected from the group—and no refund will be provided. Simply aim to be kind, sensitive, and considerate of others in your delivery.

Spam, self-promotion, and other promotions are prohibited. This is not the place for such.

Do not insist that others adopt your style, morals, or values.

Sharing any aspect whatsoever of another writer’s ideas or work with ANYONE outside the group is strictly prohibited unless the writer has given permission beforehand. Respect others’ confidentiality.

Unless otherwise agreed upon by group members, distribute your work in the best shape possible. Avoid placing an undue burden on your members to correct or address obvious problems.

Leave your egos at the door. You are not here to dominate any conversations, make yourself look like a better writer than anyone, nor impose your will on others. No need to ‘defend’ your work.

Honor your attendance agreements. Your host(s) and members block out the time to dedicate to meeting. Failure to uphold your attendance commitment affects all members.

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