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For writers in the editing and publishing stages of book production

Finishers writer support group

Led by veteran editor, editor mentor, writer coach, and Black Writers Collective founder Tia Ross, the BWC Finishers writer support mastermind group is designed to meet the needs of members who have finished writing, rewriting, and revising and are now polishing novels or nonfiction book-length manuscripts for publication.

Group members who have reached this stage are ready to find the right editors, book designers, printers, and distributors, or prepare query letters, pitches, and proposals for agents and publishers.

You’ve finished your manuscript. You put it through multiple rounds of story editing, revising, and rewriting. You’ve incorporated feedback from beta readers and book coaches. Now it’s ready for copyediting and typesetting or proposals and pitches to agents or publishers. Once you’ve reached this stage, you’re ready for Finishers as it’s the goal of Finishers to assist with this process. Finishers is a great place for discussions, to give and receive encouragement, to learn more about the publishing industry, distribution, proposals, book marketing and sales, author platforms and websites, to practice your pitches, and get feedback on book covers, query letters, synopses, author bios, and more. Members share each other’s struggles and challenges, referrals, and resources. They solve problems and find answers together while celebrating each other’s victories along the journey.

This group is for those who are completely done writing and are in the editing and publishing stages of book development.


(1) Must have a completed manuscript and be preparing for publication

(2) Must have joined at the annual level before November 1, 2021 OR at the Essentials+ level

how to apply

Review the guidelines and submit an application to join this tribe at Writers Group Series Guidelines.

Research has shown that people who share their goals with a friend and send them weekly updates on progress are on average 33% more successful in accomplishing them. Here, we commit to the Tribe—we do the work and we finish strong—together.

About Tia Ross

Tia Ross is a veteran copyeditor; literary activist; founder of Black Writers Collective; a member of the elite editors showcased in the Black Editors & Proofreaders Directory (BEPD); and CEO of the Black-owned, woman-owned WordWiser Ink LLC, a boutique copyediting firm with a team of five editors, manuscript analysts, and proofreaders. She is also the founder of BEPD and mentors and coaches editors on best business practices, systems, ethics, skills development,  and providing optimum client service.

Since 1995, Tia has also been coaching authors through getting published and polishing fiction, nonfiction, business, and technical documentation for authors, publishers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, corporations, and nonprofit organizations. For more information about Tia’s body of work or working one on one with her on your project, visit

“I believe there is power in words, power in asserting our existence, our experience, our lives, through words.”
Jesmyn Ward

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