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Black Writers Collective offers various ways to get involved with our organization. You can be part of our tribe whether you’re a writer or not. 

Get Involved

We offer opportunities that enable passionate volunteers to engage, support, and empower the writing members of our organization as well as the readers who make up our fan bases. 

You can volunteer in any of the ways listed below under VOLUNTEER OPENINGS, or you can let us know of any other capacity in which you feel driven to be part of our team. While experience counts, passion carries just as much weight.

Volunteer with Black Writers Collective

Volunteer Openings


  • Community leaders – Share information of potential interest to members, such as contests and resources; respond to members’ posts and/or post topics for discussion or other engagement prompts. Time required: no more than 1-2 hours per week.
  • Beta Readers group hosts – assist in promoting and facilitating the Beta Readers forum. This role involves implementing strategies to increase awareness and helping to connect beta readers with writers. Time requirement: 1 hour per month or as needed.


  • Graphic design – involves creating graphics for social media.
  • Ambassadors – helps to spread the word about the many great programs and services offered by BWC; may get involved in marketing strategy or engage in marketing activities, but primary role is simply to post about BWC in your own circles or wherever you see an appropriate setting
  • Social media content planner – participate in content strategy and planning for our social network channels. You can work with our Twitter or Instagram account or both, whichever you prefer. Time requirement: averages 1-1½ hours per month.
  • Social media content writer – join the social media team and help boost engagement on our social network channels by creating posts and writing captions. You can work with our Twitter or Instagram account or both, whichever you prefer. Time requirement: averages 2-3 hours per month.
  • Content management – assist content manager with updating website content, including adding freelance writers or businesses to our promo pages, book covers to the gallery, etc. Time requirement: less than 1-2 hours per month.
Interested in applying? Email your letter of interest to h i @ b l a c k w r i t e r s . o r g.

Your support is vital to our community's success

I just came across your web site and it was like finding an oasis in the desert! Thank you for sharing your passion, energy and commitment.
Brian J.

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