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The new online journal of the Black Writers Collective is excited to begin accepting submissions from members of Black Writers Collective in fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. We are particularly interested in showcasing the voices of emerging writers. We seek works that reflect our mission to discover and spotlight those creative voices that exhibit vivid and accurate language, original and compelling vision, dialogue we can ‘hear’, and strong narrative instinct. We seek works that transcend common, trite and overused themes, urban ghetto situations, limited viewpoints, and stilted, elementary language. We want works that speak to us in voices no one has heard. We seek creativity on pages that stimulate, entertain, and inspire. We want well-written stories that show passion and commitment to the art of writing. We appreciate those that share lies so well told they ring of truth, regardless of genre. We seek to be moved by great literary artistry, and we hope to pass those experiences on to our readers. To put it simply, we want to be wowed.

To submit, click Submit Your Story below (note: button link will go live when we begin accepting submissions).

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.


We welcome submissions by established and emerging literary artists affiliated with Black Writers Collective.

Single submissions can include up to 4,000 words of prose or two poems, double spaced, in Times New Roman or Garamond font. Please include a brief biographical statement in your cover letter. Works must have gone through a rigorous revision and editing process. If you need an editor, refer to our Black Editors & Proofreaders directory.

Simultaneous submissions are completely acceptable for unpublished works. We simply ask that you withdraw your submission to us as soon as it’s accepted elsewhere if it will create a conflict for you.

Accepted formats: Word (.doc, .docx), Rich Text (.rtf), Plain Text (.txt), LibreOffice (.odf), and OpenOffice (.odt). PDFs are NOT accepted.

We’re looking for polished fiction of any form in any genre. We do not accept erotica or fiction with explicit or overly lengthy sex scenes. Remember, we’re looking for STORY. Submit as many stories as you like, but please restrict your total word count to 4,000 words or less. Please specify genre in your cover letter. We recognize that genre distinctions can make easy categorization difficult. Take your best guess. 

Excerpts of novels will be accepted on completed works that are self-published and that are available for purchase through a global online bookseller, i.e. Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc. If an excerpt comes from a work that has been previously published by a traditional publisher, we can only accept your excerpt with written permission from the publisher to publish it. No exceptions. Our goal with accepting excerpts is strictly to introduce members’ works in print to new readers to help expand their fan bases.

Creative Nonfiction
Send us your essays, memoirs, perspectives, and investigations. Let us hear your unique voice telling your reality as you know it. 

Submit up to two poems in a single document. Include a brief statement or other information you believe provides necessary context. 

You may submit images or photographs to be published alongside your literary work that speak to our mission.

Submission button will go live once we begin accepting submissions.

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