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Place of Privilege
Place of Privilege
Author: Mark Robinson & Raymond Smaltz III
Publish: July 1, 2021
Publisher: Place of Privilege LLC
Format: ebook, Paperback, hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-7366215-2-3
Pages: 372
Country: United States
Language: English
Dimension: 6x9
File size(e-book): 3.81MB

Place of Privilege is a personal memoir of my experiences as one of the very first young Black men to attend the ultra-exclusive Dalton School in New York in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

[caption id="attachment_7664" align="alignleft" width="175"]Place of Privilege Place of Privilege by Mark Robinson & Raymond Smaltz[/caption]

The ultra-elite private schools, the super schools; places where the resources, the curriculum and the tuition are comparable to the best liberal arts colleges.  These are schools where lineage is a factor in the admission process.  These are not schools for those who can afford better, they are schools for those who can afford only the very best.

These are places of privilege.

Rarely do they include black students.  In the 1960’s, they almost never did.

In New York, the crown jewel place of privilege is The Dalton School; one of the most prestigious, elite prep schools in the nation, recognized globally for its visionary progressive educational philosophy and its ultra-wealthy, celebrity student body. Dalton is where Anderson Cooper was a student, Jeffrey Epstein was a teacher and Robert Redford and Bob Fosse were members of the PTA.

In the mid-1960s, Dalton reached out to previously unfamiliar communities and for the first time actively recruited minority students.  Mark and Ray are among the very first young Black men to attend Dalton. “Place Of Privilege” provides the remarkable narrative of the pathfinder courses their lives would take.

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