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Black Sci-Fi Short Stories
Black Sci-Fi Gothic Fantasy Anthology
Publish: April 2021
Publisher: Flame Tree Publishing
Country: UK
Language: English

Black Sci-Fi Short StoriesAn Empty, Hollow Interview by James Beamon | Élan Vital by K. Tempest Bradford | The Orb by Tara Campbell | The Floating City of Pengimbang by Michelle F. Goddard | The New Colossuses by Harambee K. Grey-Sun | Seven Thieves by Emmalia Harrington | Space Traitors by Walidah Imarisha | The Line of Demarcation by Patty Nicole Johnson | e-race by Russell Nichols | Giant Steps by Russell Nichols | Almost Too Good to Be True by Temi Oh | You May Run On by Megan Pindling | Suffering Inside, But Still I Soar by Sylvie Soul | The Pox Party by Lyle Stiles | The Regression Test by Wole Talabi

These contemporary authors will appear alongside classic work by the following: W.E.B. Du Bois, Martin R. Delany, Sutton E. Griggs, Pauline Hopkins and Edward Johnson.

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