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Your Reference Guide to Using Our Member Platform

Thank you for joining the Black Writers Collective. We are delighted to have you become part of our community and to engage with you in our online network. To that end, we’ve created this guide for new members as an orientation to the features our network has to offer.

Use the link below to view all accessible tribes and to join those that interest you. All but critique tribes are open to all. Annual memberships are required to join the critique tribes. The interest groups that members have requested thus far are also available to join. If there is a tribe you wish to see created, you must speak up. Otherwise, we will not know there is any interest and it will not show up.

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If at any time while you’re familiarizing yourself with our network you find there’s a tribe you don’t see but would like to join, speak up! Tribes are created solely in response to members’ requests, so if you don’t see one it’s simply because no one has yet requested it.

The Dash is a tribe of Finishers focused on getting the words down and achieving daily goals. We meet up online each morning and evening at eight o’clock for thirty-minute writing sprints on any type of project you’re needing to make progress on–essays, articles, stories, novels, and other works. For more info, visit The Dash.

Members who joined at the annual rate before December 26, 2020, have access to all critique tribes. Monthly members will not be granted access due to the ongoing reciprocal critiquing requirement and commitment to the Tribe that is critical to the Tribe’s success.

ALL MEMBERS of the group must attend meetings and critique others’ works to be critiqued. One cannot join and not participate in the critiquing and have his/her work critiqued. If a member does not offer critiques for two meetings, barring extenuating circumstances, they will be removed from the group and their spot made available to someone on the waiting list. Removed members may reapply for any available spots when they’re ready and able to participate but will be required to critique others prior to submitting any of their own work.

Each group has its own schedule and guidelines. Follow the links below (or click About within the tribe) for detailed information on how either group works. Sherian Brown is the moderator for the novelists tribe. Denise Matthews and Darlene Burnett co-moderate the short story tribe. If you have any questions about how the tribes work that are not answered at the links above, you will need to direct your question(s) to them.

When you’re posting an Article, you can add multiple file attachments directly within the post. When you’re adding material to be critiqued by your tribe, you can only add one attachment per post.

To add multiple attachments to articles:
Press enter to start a new line of text, and use the + button along the left to open up the options to add a photo, embed a video, embed a media file hosted elsewhere, add a file attachment like a PDF, or include a section divider.

To add single attachments to posts:
Select the paper clip icon and it will give you the option to add a file attachment to your post. Once you save and publish it, other members can just click to download your attachment. If you need to add multiple attachments to a post, add them to the post using the Reply function.

All critique and other meetings are posted to the event calendar along with other events that may be of interest to members. Members are also encouraged to share your own virtual and in-person events to the calendar. You never know who from BWC might show up to support you if we know what you have going on. You can create local events, live chats, live video events, and online meetings using FB Live, Crowdcast or Zoom.

Our Digital Downloads section offers audio and ebook downloads that may be useful to you in your writing. Be sure to check it out.

In the main dashboard as well as in each tribe, there is an all-member chat feature offering members one big chat room for all members on the web/desktop version of the platform. The chat room is not available in native mobile apps. This is also for scheduling Live Chat Events, where members can come together in real-time for a Q&A event or virtual session. You can share text, images, video links and emojis in the All Member Chat area.

Each month we host themed discussions that offer members a chance to get to know each other a little better. Kimberly Bibbs is our hostess for these meetings. Watch the event calendar for announcements about upcoming meetings.

Got a burning question you need to ask fellow members? Need input for a writing project and want to post a survey? You have the option to create percentage polls, multiple choice polls, hot cold polls, and to post questions.

Interested in receiving calls for submissions or job postings for freelance and other writing jobs/gigs? Subscribe to our announcement list at or email Once your membership is verified, you’ll be approved for access to the list.

This program has been paused, but when it reopens later this month (October), you’ll be able to sign up to find a beta or advanced copy reader.

BWC currently offers members the opportunity to share book releases with our Facebook followers. To share your book, simply go to our FB page and post your cover along with a synopsis and a link to an excerpt or website where the book can be purchased. You won’t be able to see it immediately as it has to be approved. But once we approve it we will also share it to our feed so that it’s more visible to all page visitors. Please do not post just the cover and a link or it will not be approved.

We also have in the works an online bookstore for members’ books, and we’ll soon be posting members’ books to our Twitter feed as well. Stay tuned for details!

Interested in volunteering in a leadership capacity on our team? Visit Get Involved to learn how you can help us to serve our community and find one that matches your personality, skills, and interests.

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