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Black Editors & Proofreaders Directory

Black Editors & Proofreaders can help you find qualified editorial freelance professionals to help you to develop, polish, and perfect your written works. Our database highlights language and content editors, including developmental, substantive, and line editors, copyeditors, sensitivity readers, proofreaders, and other editorial professionals who share your culture and speak your language. No need to explain cultural references, issues, scenarios, dialect, or slang. Our editors get it, and they offer the depth of skill and experience you want on your team. Visit our directory at and FIND YOUR EDITOR today. 

And if you’re a freelancer and want to join our directory, visit the site to learn more.

Black Editors Network

An offshoot of the directory, the Black Editors Network is open to all editorial professionals interested in joining the community for camaraderie, networking, and job opportunities. Whether you’re a beginner, a veteran, or merely considering a career as a freelance or staff editor, you’ll be welcomed here. Join us @ Black Editors Network.

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