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— We Connect

Writing can be a solitary endeavor, but not with your membership in Black Writers Collective. We connect you with critique groups, writing accountability partners, editors, coaches, readers—everything you need to find your way into a tribe full of fellow creatives who will motivate and inspire you. 


— We Empower

Black Writers Collective brings together an array of services that support you in your efforts to succeed. From our simplistic programs that steer you toward developing better habits to get your books written, online courses and workshops, we aim to give you tools and resources that make it easier for you to reach your goals. 


— We Educate

Our conferences and retreats are world-class events which, along with our online courses, webinars and workshops, focus on educating writers at various phases of their careers. Programs cover the craft of writing fiction and nonfiction, songwriting, screenwriting, playwriting, copywriting, among others, plus the business of publishing, self-publishing, and e-publishing.


Supporting and empowering Black writers

Founded in 1998 as the African American Online Writers Guild, the first nonprofit 501c3 literary arts association to organize online for Black writers

While the organization has transitioned significantly since its inception, the core principles, values and mission have remained the same. We strive to empower writers throughout our community to improve their chances of success, by whatever their measures of success may be, lending support, nurturing, encouragement, guidance, feedback, and facilitating the sharing of opportunities with and within our member base. 

We offer several ways for members to connect within our small community of writers and to find the support you seek from other serious creative literary artists. We provide the tools, resources, and network and leave it to you to utilize as your schedule allows. 

Although founded by, for, and dedicated to Black writers, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color or creed. We welcome all writers and readers of every shade. 



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Black Writers Digital Library
Our digital library shares audio recordings, audiobooks, and ebooks for inspiration and tools on getting started as a writer, writing fiction, plotting, outlining, character development, and more.
Books on writing and publishing by Black authors
Books by Black authors and books about how to write and publish are plentiful, but finding books on writing by Black authors is a lot trickier. Our bookshelf offers books on writing and publishing by Black writers.
"Good writers probe themselves and their world; good writers laugh and cry; good writers observe; good writers don't just talk about writing, they write."
Dr. Jewell Parker Rhodes


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