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Writing can be a solitary endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be with Black Writers Collective. We connect you with a network of fellow creatives for inspiration and feedback and support you in numerous ways.

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Our innovative, private critique and interest groups for writers of fiction and nonfiction are the core of our online community. We also host monthly meet-and-greets, support groups, and live weekly writing sessions for all members.


Black Writers Collective brings together a selection of programs to help you in conquering writers block, developing the writing habit, gaining constructive feedback, and getting advice on writing and publishing your books, plus referrals to vetted freelance editors and publishing consultants to help you avoid wasting time and money.


We offer resources that include digital downloads on the craft and business of writing, free beta reader queries, calls for submissions, and book promotional opportunities to help make it easier for you to reach your goals.


We distribute job leads and writing gigs, calls for submissions, grant and fellowship calls, awards, and more at no charge from organizations and individuals seeking applicants of color to our members-only announcement list, offering employers the option of sharing to our 21K organic following on Twitter.


Here's what's going on with BWC and our members

New writing coach-led 12-week accountability and support group with check-ins, S.M.A.R.T. goal planning, scheduling, meetings, and  support with overcoming obstacles. Max: 18. » Learn more

The Beta Readers and Reviewers program welcomes authors, readers, and reviewers in a new space to make it easier to connect while maintaining the integrity of the program. Open to all BWC members—Affiliate, Core, and Advanced. Join now at the Affiliate level (free). » Learn more
BWC is looking for Communiteers to join our hosts for the first half of 2023. These are outgoing individuals who help keep the community running smoothly and help other members find the answers they're looking for. You'll post valuable resources and discussions, welcome members in dedicated threads, participate in community conversations, and share info about upcoming events. Benefits include free premium membership and personal 'writing website' support. Interested? Contact us
Tracy Coker has spent the past few years working on the manuscript for her women's fiction novel, White Yams. Her goal was to be traditionally published, but she had received only countless rejections to the query letters she'd submitted to countless agents.

After seeing a call for submissions for a First Novel contest, she submitted the first 5,000 words of her manuscript. Five months later, they notified her that her work had made the semifinals and was one of 23 to be selected from 955 submissions. One month later, she was informed her title was one of six finalists. Two months later, they announced her work as the winner! She was also offered representation by an agent from the Soho Agency in London.

Kaneisha Grayson was recently accepted into GrubStreet's Novel Generator with a combined 80% scholarship. The Novel Generator is a selective nine-month program designed to help student complete the first draft of their novel. Seventy percent of tuition was covered by GrubStreet's general scholarship fund based on Kaneisha's application to the program. A Boston Writers of Color Literary Stipend covered an additional 10 percent.

Kaneisha is studying in the Novel Generator under celebrated novelist Marjan Kamali, author of the novels The Stationery Shop and Together Tea. The novel Kaneisha is working on will be her first novel and focuses on themes of neurodivergence (specifically ADHD), race, and class.

Carolyn Holland is featured in the 22nd edition of Intellectual Ink Magazine among stories of inspiring individuals doing incredible things in their professional and personal lives. Carolyn is the author of Behind the Dark Veil and Bliss of the Grave, the first two releases from the Brothers of the Dark Veil series. Her writing incorporates historical events infused with African spirituality (Ifa, Orisha, Ancestral Veneration, Hoodoo, Voodoo), with a heavy dose of magic and erotic romance.

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"Hands down one of the most robust and organized writer resources available. The value provided is tremendous and search friendly. This platform is essential, by and for passionate literature enthusiasts who understand what Black writers do for the culture."
Idris Ade
Founded in 1998 as the African American Online Writers Guild, BWC was the first nonprofit 501c3 literary arts association to organize online for Black writers.


While the organization has transitioned significantly since its inception, the core principles, values and mission have remained the same. We strive to empower writers throughout our community to help further their chances of success, by whatever their measures of success may be, lending support, nurturing, encouragement, guidance, feedback, and facilitating the sharing of opportunities with and within our member base. 

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"Good writers probe themselves and their world; good writers laugh and cry; good writers observe; good writers don't just talk about writing, they write."
Dr. Jewell Parker Rhodes

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