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When you become a member of Black Writers Collective, you gain access to a plethora of benefits. We offer monthly and annual memberships for writers and free membership for readers. Scholarships are also available.

Monthly Critique Group Meetings

We host live chats monthly to discuss members’ works-in-progress, sharing thoughtful feedback to help you to make your story better–and make you a stronger writer.

We Help End Isolation

Our legacy of bringing together Black writers online for networking and fellowship is why we were first formed. We give you the opportunity to meet and share insights, experience and dreams with peers—fellow writers who will understand the writing process and keep you inspired.

We Set & Share Monthly Writing Goals

Being with other writers as we set writing goals and work toward achieving them is among the most powerful motivation there is for you to get focused, find the time, and make the work happen.

We Help Hold Each Other Accountable

We plan together, we write together, we finish together. At the start of each month we share our goals and intentions for the coming month as well as our progress and accomplishments for the month behind us. We’ll hold you accountable, challenge you, and motivate you through “The End” of writing project after project, and we’ll cheer you on and celebrate your successes with you.

We Connect You With Talented Editors

There’s nothing quite like having a professional editor with an innate understanding of your voice, who speaks the same language you speak, in all of its varied nuances. We’ve built a network of such editors, skilled in all types of editing, book analysis, and proofreading, to make it easier for you to find your editor.   

There’s More…Much More

There’s so much more, but we’ll let you see for yourself. Join today and be part of our tribe.

In a nutshell, our writer memberships offer you:

  • a global community of like-minded creatives who understand your goals as well as your challenges
  • themed discussions via virtual meetings
  • writing challenges and sprints
  • encouragement and guidance from fellow writers through coordinating your own accountability partnerships
  • access to our digital library of ebooks and audio recordings on topics such as plotting, character development, getting started as a writer, going from self-published to bestseller, pitching your manuscript to editors and agents, and many others
  • calls for submissions, manuscripts, speakers, contests, and events plus BWC-sponsored contests
Members who join at the annual level also have access to:
  • join a database of writers for hire
  • private critique groups where you can learn from each other and take your writing craft to the next level
  • marketing and promotional features such as the featured articles/interviews with authors launching new releases, members’ bookstore featuring your titles, plus added advertising opportunities on our social network accounts

Members will also be able to participate in:

  • online courses and webinars
  • technical coaching on setting up your blog/website
  • writers’ events and travel club excursions across the Americas, the Caribbean, and around the globe with fellow writers
Additional fees will apply for select courses, coaching, events, and travel.

Join now for $60 per year.

Reader (Free)

Are you a beta reader or want to become one? Do you write amazing reviews on books you read? Are you skilled at story analysis and critiques? Do you want to help authors to become better storytellers?

Join Black Writers Beta and Advanced Copy Readers Club for readers who enjoy African-American literature and works in other genres by Black writers today, and get connected to authors on their way to the top of bestseller charts.

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